Easiest Way to Cook Tasty South special meals

South special meals. Collard greens are a staple vegetable of southern cuisine. This side dish is often eaten alongside smoked or salt-cured meats, such as ham hocks, pork or fatback. —Marsha Ankeney, Niceville, Florida. Collard greens are a staple vegetable of southern cuisine.

South special meals Recipe: Sea Island Crab Fried Rice. This twist on the traditional po'boy sandwich adds flavor and veggies while reducing fat and calories. For a smoked flavor, grill the shrimp. You can cook South special meals using 0 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of South special meals

For a lower-carb option, serve the po'boy open-faced on a baguette half. —Melissa Pelkey Hass, Waleska, Georgia. For a classic Southern deviled eggs recipe, boil the eggs, slice them, and put the yolks in a bowl. Next, mash the yolks with mayonnaise, mustard, and sweet pickle relish, plus a little salt and pepper. Lastly, spoon the sweet and tangy yellow mixture into the egg and dust with a bit of paprika.

South special meals instructions

It is a traditional South Indian dish served with rice. Medu Vadai is a popular South Indian Snack and also it is served as a snack or appetizer or for breakfast with Idli, Sambar, and Pongal. Maria-mole, literally translated to soft Mary, is a popular Brazilian dessert that is similar in appearance to a marshmallow, but even softer, usually consisting of sugar, gelatin, coconut, and egg whites. The dessert is so popular that there are even boxed mixes for making it at home. Feijoada or feijoada completa is Brazil's national dish, a hearty stew featuring pork and black beans.

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