Recipe: Yummy Popular Indian Sweet Dish— Doodh Pak

Popular Indian Sweet Dish— Doodh Pak. It is one of the classic combinations enjoyed in every Gujarati household. Doodh pak is a rich and aromatic traditional Gujarati style rice pudding sweet dish. It is Gluten-free, Eggless, Kid-friendly, and a Satvik dessert recipe.

Popular Indian Sweet Dish--- Doodh Pak Add the ghee, mix well and keep aside. Boil the milk in a deep non-stick pan on a high flame, while stirring twice in between. This is to allow milk or pudding from sticking to the bottom. You can cook Popular Indian Sweet Dish— Doodh Pak using 0 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Popular Indian Sweet Dish— Doodh Pak

Add rice to ghee and sauté till light brown. Add cardamom powder, mix well and cook till rice is done. Doodh pak is a traditional Gujarati sweet dish. It is prepared with milk and rice, the mixture is slow-boiled to thicken flavored with cardamom, jaiphal powder, and garnish with dry fruits.

Popular Indian Sweet Dish— Doodh Pak step by step

But in this recipe, I use some milk powder which gives instantly creaminess and thickness to it. Wash and soak red rice for an hour. Grease a heavy bottom deep pot with some ghee. This helps prevent sticking of milk at the bottom of the pot. Pour whole gallon of milk into the pot and bring it to boil.

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